End of the Year Report: 2020

It has been a really long and difficult year not just for me, but for the world at large. Because of the pandemic things have been changing pretty quickly, even more so in the writing and publishing world. Nevertheless, I managed to write more stories this year than ever before, and actually get them to a point where they can be submitted.

Stories written, edited and are being submitted:

  • From before 2020 – fantasy: 1
  • In 2020 – fantasy: 2
  • In 2020 – sci-fi: 8
  • In 2020 – general: 2

Storied written but not quite ready – either being edited or on the backlog:

  • From before 2019 – fantasy: 1
  • In 2020 – fantasy: 1
  • In 2020 – sci-fi: 8


  • Submitted: 63
  • Acceptances: 0
  • Pending: 14
  • Rejections – form: 43
  • Rejections – personal: 7

Things I learned about writing in 2020:

  • I finally developed a consistent process for writing stories:
    • A document listing potential story ideas
    • When I pick a particular story idea, I ruminate over it for several days
    • First draft typed using a different device and in a different place than my normal workplace
    • Leave the second draft for a while, then come back and self-edit
    • Rinse and repeat for the third draft
    • I have been hiring freelance copyeditors to bring the story to finish. Not sure yet if it is worth it or not.
  • My submissions process has been developed as well:
    • Submit to the best paying markets with the shortest turnaround
    • Try to find markets with simultaneous submissions
    • Rinse and repeat
  • I have also been looking at writing as a way of exploring certain ideas or emotions that get stuck at my head instead of straight-forward story writing
  • Writing novels or books is something I have been put off for later. My idea is that if a short story catches on, it can always be developed into a full book
  • I have also been looking at editing for others as a way to further develop my craft

Some interesting links from 2020:

While I haven’t sold any stories this year, here is to a great 2021 which hopefully will be better!